Customer Testimonials

I’ve been real satisfied with the stalls that I got from Noble Panels. They were easy to install and really safe. They are as economical as any I’ve used.

Man, I sure love those feeders too! They are absolutely the best.

Terry Riddle
Foster, OK

"The corner feeders have all but stopped any waste of hay. And cut stall cleaning time in half. They'll pay for themselves in no time!" Thanks, we love them.

Tim Smith
Temecula, CA

I’ve been using Noble Panel products for about 12 years. I have a solid round pen and also my runs are made from Noble Panel products. The panels are very durable and almost maintenance free. Once you put them up, they are there to last and nice to look at.

I have always had good service, and the staff at Noble Panels are so willing to help me meet my needs. At times, I have needed special items and they have helped me meet that need. I would recommend Noble Panels to anyone who is looking for a product to take care of livestock needs.

Russ Miller
Saint Anthony, Idaho

I can't tell you how impressed I am with the Noble product. I built a 16 stall barn for our cutting horse program and from the moment I started working with the Noble crew on design on thru to delivery and erection they never stopped impressing me. This barn is heavy duty, well built and not one step was skipped, from the greasable hinges on all moving parts to the innovative feed doors and the swing door saddle rack that allows me easy access to all my gear.

In our program we see a whole lot of differant horses from the seasoned show horse to the young prospect and everyone is comfortable and at ease in the Noble stalls not to mention that the Noble Feeders allow us to keep grain seperate from hay while reducing hay waste. I can honestly say that I will never build another barn that does not have the NOBLE name on it, Don and his camp believe and stand by a product that I am proud to own.

KJ Kasun
KJK Cutting Horses

Five years ago, our ministry was challenged with finding a solution to some problems that our 30-stall barn had because it was built in the 1970’s.

Stall FrontsStall Fronts
There were multiple problems:
First – was the safety issue; using chain stall-guards because the old sliding doors no longer functioned. This allowed horses to put their heads out too far into the hallway. With only a 10’ hall, this was too tight to have a child or student walk a horse down the middle because horses could reach them from both sides.

Second – the stall doors did not all open in the same direction, so some people had to enter on the right side of the horses to saddle. This is much more difficult and can also be a safety issue.

Third – was the way the barn looked.... As you can see, the difference has been dramatic!

Stall FrontsStall Fronts
As we started to look for a way to fix these problems, we came across Noble Panels. It didn't take long for us to figure out that this was a product we needed. The product was superior to anything we had seen. We also had to have each stall front custom made because this was a remodel of an old barn, and Nobel could handle this - making the decision an easy one.

Because of our Noble Panels, we now have a wider hall, a safe entrance to each stall, windows that can be put up when needed, and a great new look to the barn.

Since the stall renovation last year, we have built a new 14-stall training barn with Noble Panels "Event" fronts. These have been a great choice for this working barn. We also used panels and gates from Noble Panels for the paddocks and runs.

After all of these changes, we looked around our facility and decided to replace our two round pens with Noble round pens and we redid our outdoor arena and out hot-walker area as well.

Again, as you can see the look is amazing, but the safety, usefulness and longevity are what we really are excited about for the ministry here at Canyonview.

Our experience with Noble has been the kind of experience that we could only hope for and has been an answer to prayer. Thank you to Don, Chris, and the entire crew of Noble Panels!

Ren Bannerman
Director of Canyonview Equestrian College

I appreciate quality in livestock equipment and I have been fortunate in finding a bit of it out there, but none has matched the quality and customer service of Noble Panels . When working with my clients I am often asked for my opinion on products that support the livestock industry. My time is valuable to me so I only like to work with quality items. In my years of working with horses I have been fortunate to find good products that withstand the demands of ranching operations but I have not experienced the outstanding help and attention to my custom needs like I have experienced from Noble Panels.

The good folks at Noble Panels have worked with me in new designs for arenas, corral fencing, gates for both pastures and corrals, hay feeders, and outdoor stalls. All of which meet special applications and must all be horse safe. Their custom fit gates and panels are unsurpassed for strength and function. We use the lever latch on most of our gates making it a breeze to work them while horseback. I have been very fortunate to work with some really good companies out there but the attention to detail and the outstanding customer service that I have received from Noble Panels is unmatched.


Robert and Janet Phinney
Dayton, Washington

Over 10 years ago I was finally able to buy the ranch I always wanted. For years I have dreamed about having a ranch that I could set up the right way and not have to do it again. I tore out all of the old wood and wire fence and started researching my options for new fencing. I asked a lot of questions and talked to a lot of people and Noble Panels kept coming up.

I started out by ordering 8 – 12x24 pens and added a Round Pen and Contour Fencing. I pretty much fenced my entire 12 acres with Noble fencing. I bought more land and added more Noble fencing.

Noble Panels has a good product. It helps attract clientele for me. They are happy to bring their animals here because they know it is safe. I have had these 8 pens for over 10 years and they are always full of horses. These horses are strangers and they are boarded side by side in my Noble pens. I am happy to say that I have never had a horse hurt in these pens. That says a lot for how safe they are. They also look the same as they did 10 years ago!

I have enjoyed working with Chris and the Noble crew over the years. I had a good feeling from the first time I spoke with Chris. I have a great working relationship with them and they are always willing to help.

John Uhrig
Shoshone, ID

Noble Panels makes a great product from stall fronts, fencing, windows, doors… pretty much whatever you need. If they don’t have it they will design and build it. Most importantly of all is the attitude of the people whom are easy and enjoyable to work with. Noble is our “go to manufacturer” when it comes to containing horses.

Al Jubitz, French Hill Farm
Aurora, OR

Round PenCustom Stalls - Ward LaSalle Equine ClinicCustom Stall Front at night

All of our fencing, stalls, and mare hotel are Noble products. After nine years of heavy use they still look great. We have not had an accident or injury related to the stalls or fencing. Last year we added another six stalls and custom made doors and stall fronts in our stallion barn. Every time we do an addition or remodel we always look to Noble and they come through with quality products that are made to our needs.

John Erfle DVM
LaSalle Equine Clinic
Kalispell, Montana

TOTALLY NOBLE - that’s what the Bonina cattle and horse ranch is! With the cooperation and innovation of the Noble crew, we have built one of the most practical, usable, versatile and neat-appearing outfits of its kind.

We just completed two bull sales and the cattle display pens are second to none. Gates work well for moving cattle in and out, the fences are strong and high, the overall look is professional.

Our Noble horse facility includes FRP stalls and runs bordering the arena, a trainer-series barn with runs plus event stalls for guests at the shows held at Bonina. Horses are safe and enjoy the runs. Noble hay feeders with trays for feeding salt, grain and mineral fit neatly into stall corners.

One of the most unique aspects of the Noble business is its willingness to create designs and sizes that fit individual needs. Special requests are handled with a smile.

We chose to be TOTALLY NOBLE and are glad we did!

Bob & Nina Lundgren
Bonina, Inc.
Eltopia, Washington

In 1993, we installed our 122 X 244 outdoor arena. There are many dealers and options in our area around greater Portland Oregon. After many hours of investigation is was all to clear to us which manufacture will be the wise choice for our facility at Mt Hood Equestrian Center, Boring Oregon.

Noble panels are light enough to handle and strong enough to endure the brutal punishment of rough stock from rodeos to all other disciplines that show here. Now, 17 years later, 2010 and the workmanship and attention to detail has prevailed the test of time. Our outdoor arena looks like it was installed last year! Our 80 portable show stalls, which we purchased from Noble Panels & Gates 2 years later have been used extensively and show virtual little wear and have been a safe home to thousands of horses that have shown here at Mt Hood Equestrian Center.

I fully, with confidence, recommend Noble Panels & Gates for your livestock handling needs. For those who demand excellence, durability, and when safety is of utmost importance, Noble Panels & Gates is clearly the right choice.

Mike & Paula Pfeiffer, Owner
Mt Hood Equestrian Center
29450 SE Lariat Lane
Boring, Oregon 97009

The Panels are excellent, they are built strong to hold large horses with no sharp edges on the panels. The doors slide real easy and lock in place with no danger of them getting loose. The fit was perfect, all panels bolted together like they were supposed to. I gave Chris the measurements of the building and he designed the panels perfect. I would not have any other panel in our arena.

Rusty Cartillar
Wynne, AR

We have built two ranches of our own using Noble Panel products exclusively. Their strength, good looks and integrity of product assures us we are using the best product on the market.

Painted Prairie Ranch
Trey Combs and Phyllis Kvinsland
Centerville, Washington

What a beautiful and easy fence to install, after having the posts set we cut and ran the pipes ourselves. Our fencing has been in place for a year now and it looks like we just put it up. We are very impressed with the strength and durability.

Phil and Rhonda Benadum
Los Banos, CA

Trail Ridge Arena purchased panels, gates, and loafing sheds from Noble Panel and Gates in 2005. Their customer service department was extremely helpful with their recommendation's and design plans. We were pleasantly surprised at the ease of the assembly and after 5 years their product has held up exceptionally well in Wyoming's extreme weather conditions. We will not hesitate to place another order with Noble Panels and Gates in the future.


David R. Spurlock, owner
Trail Ridge Arena
Alpine, Wyoming

I bought my first Noble panels in 1991. Over the years I added more panels for a round pen, corrals, and arena. The panels are solid and most important, safe. I never had a horse get hurt from the panels. I like the flexibility of easily changing the size or shape of the pens and was able to take my panels with me when I moved to a different location.

I also like that the company is providing jobs for people right here - not in some foreign country.

Thank you!

Deb Williams Benton City, WA.

Noble Panels is outstanding in all aspects of doing business, from answering the phone to building the product. Chris is a great guy and so easy to work with. My orders are always delivered on time and everything works well. I can’t imagine why anyone would use anything other than Nobles.

I am still as happy today with my panels and shelters, as I was when I bought them!

Indian Hills Ranch
Milpitas, CA

We started using Noble Panels as far back as 1987…which was like a miracle product for us here in Minnesota because every post hole had way more rocks than dirt and other fencing was so difficult to get done. I say that because at the time, everything I wanted to do to achieve my dreams in the horse industry was done mostly by my own hands.

I seen the quality of the panels to not only provide the fencing that was needed but also an investment that would be there for me if needed in later years of retirement. That is one very simple and true fact because we can look out over the first panels we purchased 23 years ago and see the gleam of neat and nice.

Safety is a first and if a horse can get hurt in captivity, it will. I have to say that even the most trying animal may have jumped a panel or two, but was never hurt. The year prior to getting the panels, we lost a very nice animal to her getting caught in a wooden, round pole fence which broke her leg. Wood does not last and even though it was round, it still did not let go of her leg. We had also had one get a leg up over another type of panel and get caught in the connections and get broken, which cannot happen with the Noble Panel.

In a riding school there is also the need for safe surroundings and people do the darnedest things to get into trouble as well and many times we were very glad that we had the panels. For some, on occasion, the panels saved the person from injury.

We have over the years always thought of the wonderful people behind the Noble Panel company as being the best ever to work with as well. Even when trucking wanted to destroy a panel or two, Chris was there to get it all made right.

Our farm insurance sees the product as a real plus and they have never had a problem understanding its quality. Our very nice Morton building and home did not fare so well through a hail and wind storm two years ago, but nothing happened to our Noble products.

The newest line of our work added to our farm, organic grass fed beef, which are very hard on everything around them, has further put the panels to test. We will be doing very well with the panels and our beef as well…so far the panels have endured the bovines.

On that note, if I can keep the skid loader in line, my investment is still as good as the day I bought them. We will be encouraging first time organic produce associates to use the endless supply of buildings and fencing that Noble Panels can provide.

Christine Tatro
Rocking T Stables
Pierz, MN 56364

Dear Noble Panels, I want to thank you for not only a wonderful product, but the excellence in customer service. I did my homework looking for the best product out there and I found it. Moving to a new place and building a new horse facility was a huge ordeal. Chris at Noble Panels worked with me through all steps from beginning to end. Even on a Sunday I was able to call Noble and get help on a question as we were in the process of building.

Noble has the know how and experience to help in every aspect of creating your dream. Easily assembled, my crew consisted of three women and one cowboy.

In the past few months, we were hit with 70 mile an hour winds that tore roofs off and damaged trees. My Noble facility stood strong and sturdy. I looked for strength and durability and found it. It’s a great feeling to know your horses are in a safe secure environment. Thank you Noble. I recommend your product to everyone without hesitation.

Kim Alsheimer
Kingman, AZ

I would like to thank Noble Panels for the panels I received. We built an upscale arena with a clubhouse/bar inside the arena. I looked everywhere for a panel that would not only hold the ground in place, but would have the look that we required for our facility. I not only found the panels that I envisioned, but was pleasantly surprised when I priced the panels. I would also say the service and dependability of Noble Panels far exceeded my expectations. Thanks again Noble.

Tom Hirsig
Riata Ranch/Frontier Realty
Cheyenne/Torrington, WY

After being in the livestock business for over 40 years in the Hawaiian Islands, Noble Panels have been the best we have used outlasting by far the many other panels we have tried. Not one other brand has held up to our corrosive salty environment of living so close to the ocean the way Noble Panels have. I would highly recommend them to anyone in any climate.

Bud Gibson
Rocker G Livestock
New Town & Country Stables
Waimanalo, HI

I moved to soggy SW France in 2000. Thank heavens I had the good sense to ship my Noble Ultra Mesh Panels with me (despite everybody telling me "ahh you will find the same stuff over there"- HAH! NOT true!) Iv'e had dogs, horses, herds of sheep and goats (not always very tame), pigs (BIG ones), wild boars, Zebus, and wild cows with nasty horns that love to chase torreadors or anyhting else with two legs within fifteen meters of these panels, and they haven't budged. Even with the critters being under a good head of steam when they encounter the panels. The "local population of humans" here in the South of Bordeaux have never seen anyhting like these panels before. When I aksed the best of their "artisans" (despite being in an agricultural area) to custom fabricate copies, the copies rust after three years, weigh three times as much, cost FIVE times as much, and the welding breaks after a year. The moral of this story: if you have animals that you want to care for, for a long time with no worries about them breaking through fences, hurting themselves, or having to repair your fencing every odd matter where you live, buy NOBLE. Period.

Andrea Parker
SW France

I have had round pen envy from every horse person who sees it, unless they own one. For a couple of years I have been talking about letting go of horses, due to all the horse broken bones giving up on me. I get the response: "I am sorry, it must be so hard, etc...", followed by "if you decide to sell your round pen, could I please buy it?" And people that have a (different brand) round pen of panels say: "I wish I could have afforded this" or "I am going to sell my round pen to buy one of these." I am totally glad I did the full 60'. Big enough to put little kids on a horse and be in control (kids feel like cowboys). Small enough to work that horse until he is begging to be caught. Big enough to do some free jumps to see what kind of jump a horse has. The best to play horse games at liberty. There is always a cookie on the mounting block in the center so a horse can't wait to get in there.

Lovada Tonnesen
Greene Stone Farm

We have purchased a fair number of pipe panels, stall fronts and doors, stall divides, etc over time. I could not be more pleased with the quality of your fabrication (meticulous and symmetric), and your customer service to get the install complete. I sincerely appreciate your attention to all elements, big and small, and your commitment to see the sale from the customer's side.

When we need more panels, I'm calling you.

Chris Snell

Christopher Snell Round Pen


A few months ago I bought a round pen from you folks and I just want to say that you are the best! I am totally pleased with the round pen. It is so well made, easy to put together, and just what I was hoping it would be. My experience with your company was great from the person who talked to me on the phone and offered me great advice, to the man who made the delivery.
Thank you so much for your help and for delivering a quality product!

Lorna Moscarito

Nearly six years ago, we put up a 12x24 Noble Shelter and a Noble Panel corral for our two rowdy geldings (14.1 hand Black Milo and 14.3 hand Bay Kermit). Aside from a bit of horse dirt and some cobwebs, the structure and fencing look as new as the day we put them together. We're less than a mile away from the beach in damp salt air, and the boys have been known to paw, play and scratch on the shelter and pipe panels, but we've seen no rust, no dents, no wear, and no sharp edges. We're about to relocate to a property that needs a new horse facility, and we're definitely going to install more Noble products. We've sen alot of other brands of barns and shelters, but we believe that no none beats Noble when it comes to strength, durability, affordability, ease of installation, and safety.

Karen Morgan

Leah-shelter-1 Leah-shelter-2

I just bought a 12 by 48 structure from you guys that my husband JUST completed putting together yesterday! This morning at 5am we heard a very loud commotion which we thought was thunder and lightning because we just had a few nasty storms come through this weekend. Well.... it wasn't thunder and lightning, it was a tree, a over 100 year old tree, that came crashing down on top of the shelter EXACTLY in the spot that my mare Nova likes to stand to be close to Cash, my Gelding, near the center divide with see through bars. I ran out there expecting the worst but there was Nova standing in what was left of her side of the structure with not a scratch on her! She was a bit shaken up of course but thank God nothing happened to her!! I just wanted to say thanks to Noble Panels for your solid structures and quality products. My horse LIVED through it! You have no idea how much she means to me! My husband and I debated getting a traditional wooden barn or going with steel from Noble Panels. We couldn't be happier with our decision. The strength of the materials and well engineered design undoubtedly saved our horses lives. As you can see in the pictures that tree probably weighs over two tons and it merely bent the panels! I am just SO thankful we decided to get a structure from Noble Panels! We are bummed that we have to start all over again, but the most important thing of all is my horses are OK! Thank you so much Noble Panels! I am forever grateful for your awsone company! A BIG thanks to Jesse Maxwell for helping me purchase and design a shelter that SAVED my horses lives!!

Leah M.