Horse Stall Doors & Custom Grill Work

Noble Panels builds seperate Stall Doors and Custom Grill Work for for those who would like to finish or remodel their barn. They are custom built to meet the requirements of each project. Both the Stall Doors and the Custom Grill Work are made from the same high quality materials as the full size Square Tube Stall Fronts and Dividers.

Event Stall Systems

Stall DoorStall Door

Noble Square Tube Stall Doors are used as interior stall doors or as exterior paddock doors. Choose either a swing door or a sliding door to fit your application. They are designed to accommodate a standard 4' x 8' door opening or can be customized to fit any specific door size.

These doors can be ordered with a grill on the upper half or for solid wood inserts. Choose either plywood or Tongue & Groove to insert (wood not included).

The Swing Stall Door comes with a Horseshoe Latch and three bolt-on hinges that offer a 180 degree swing. The Sliding Stall Door comes with a door track, trolleys, door guides, and a Sliding Door Latch assembly. The Sliding Stall Door can also be ordered with a Drop-Down Grill or a Yoke Grill if desired. Both style of doors are offered for right or left side of the stall.
Full Width Grilled Divider

Dutch Door for Your StallHorse Stall Dutch Door

The Noble Square Tube Dutch Door is used as an exterior paddock door. They accept either a solid plywood or solid 2x6 Tongue & Groove insert (wood not included).

Dutch Doors are pre-hung in a door frame and are built to fit a 4' 6" wide by 8' high door opening. The door frame is made from a 4" angle iron and is pre-drilled to mount inside a door opening. There are two swing doors mounted inside the frame that hinge 180 degrees back. The lower door is set at a 50" finished height (ground to top of door). This is the ideal height for a horse to hang it's head over. Each door uses a spring loaded latch assembly to lock shut. You can choose a right or left version. Custom sizes are available.

Custom Stall GrillsCustom Stall Grills

Custom Stall Grills
Noble Square Tube Stall Grills are made out of 2"x2" galvanized steel with 1 3/8" round galvanized steel grills. They are available in standard lengths from 4' to 12' long (in 2' increments). Finished standard height is 4'. Custom heights and lengths may be ordered.

Square Tube Stall Grills can be ordered as stall divider grills, stall front grills, or as window grills. Optional Feed Door can be added to stall front grills. These grills are made two ways. The standard grill (pictured here) or a grill with a channel added to the bottom rail. This channel is 1 1/2" wide and is the full length of the grill. As the unit is bolted into place, the channel is set over the top board of the stall wall, securing them together. This also helps prevent horses from chewing the wood.