Horse and Livestock Fencing

  • Livestock and Horse Fencing Panels

    Horse and Livestock Fencing Panels

    Built to be the best and safest livestock fencing panel available. Noble Panels can be used as portable or permanent horse fencing. The fence panels can be clamped together to make a Round Pen, Arena, Paddock or perimeter fence. Lasts longer with less maintenance than a wood fence, barb wire fencing or electric fencing.

  • Contour Fencing

    Contour Fencing

    We manufacture this new style of permanent livestock and horse fencing out of the same galvanized steel tubing as our high-grade panels and gates. The post and rail fence system is the perfect solution for continuous fencing of uneven terrain.

  • Estate Fencing

    Estate Fencing

    NOBLE ESTATE FENCE is our premium post and rail system. The beautifully sleek look of this fence is designed to flow up and down with the contour of the ground. It is ideal pasture or perimeter fence, also Paddock/Runs and Arenas. This fencing is horse safe, extremely durable with zero maintenance.

  • Paddocks


    NOBLE PANELS & GATES will help you design and build Paddocks and Runs to fit your special horse fencing needs. Available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 rail fencing panels. Panels can attach directly to your shelter, barn, or shedrow or can be installed with the Noble support post.

  • Mesh Horse Fencing

    Mesh Livestock and Horse Fencing

    The Noble Ultra Mesh panels are specifically designed for use in mare and foal paddocks where there is a need for a safe secure fence. They are also excellent for almost all livestock: llamas, alpacas, emus, sheep, miniature horses, swine, dogs, and more.

  • Panel/Gate Combos

    Panel/Gate Combos

    This one-piece panel/gate combination integrates a 4' or 6' Bowgate into a 10' long or 12' long panel. It has an 8' high rail the full width of the top of the combo as well as a full width ground rail...making it the strongest on the market. Also available in Ultra Mesh.

  • Feeder Panels

    Cattle Feeder Panels

    Noble Cattle Feeder Panels can be mounted against posts in a straight line bunk or can be clamped together in a rectangle to feed from all sides. Available in 6’, 8’, 12’, 14’, or 16’ lengths. Can be made in custom lengths upon request (up to 16’).

  • Small Animal Mesh

    Small Animal Ultra-Mesh

    These mesh panels are perfect for the needs of smaller animals. They integrate many of the same materials as our standard mesh products at a smaller size and at a lower cost.

  • Support Posts

    How to Determine What Noble Post You Need

    A gate/fenceline is only as good as the support posts that hold it in place. This guideline will provide post recommendations to ensure that your gates/panels have the correct support.

  • Silver Drifter Portable Corral System

    Silver Drifter Portable Corral System

    The perfect travel corral system. Can be set up in just tools required! Comes with five 7' long by 4 ' high, 3 rail panels and one gate panel (includes chain latch). Panels can be secured for travel to the inside of your trailer (via supplied trailer mount "D" rings and nylon straps).

  • Latches, Posts, Hardware

    Latches, Posts, Hardware

    Noble Panels offers a variety of panel hardware, gate latches , gate hinges, and support posts.