Trainer Series Horse Barns

A horse barn that fits your needs at an affordable price!
Noble Trainer Series Horse Barn
Noble Trainer Series Horse Barn
Noble Trainer Series Horse Barn
Noble Trainer Series Horse Barn
Noble Trainer Series Barns are an easy to erect pre-fabricated stall barn with a 12' wide aisle. Barns are 36' in width and are available in lengths from 24' to 120' (depending on the number of stalls that are needed).

This barn is a frame-only kit that comes with ground anchors, exterior walls, interior stall walls, roof trusses and roof purlins. Barns do not include wood products, insulation, or roofing materials. The barn comes standard with Event Stall Fronts along the center aisle, Solid Dividers between stalls, and Solid Back Walls. There are many component options that can be added or exchanged to customize the interior of this barn.

The barn pictured to the left includes the Solid Sliding Breezeway door on both ends of the center aisle. This door kit comes with one 8' wide and one 4' wide solid door that slide together to close. The 8' door comes with a drop rod that secures it to the ground when closed. The 4' door slides against the 8' when closed. Sliding door tracks, trolleys, and door guides are included when ordering this door kit.

Create the perfect barn for your needs by customizing the interior. Add open bay(s) for hay storage, solid fronts to enclose a tack or storage room, feed doors on event fronts to simplify feed time, change from horizontal bars on the stall fronts to vertical grills, divide the stalls with solid dividers or grilled dividers, add an outside paddock door as an entrance to a run, or even add breezeway doors to close off the end of the barn aisle.
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