Cow Cutter Round Pens & Arenas

Let us help you design the arena YOU want!
 150 foot Cow Cutter Round Pen

Cow Cutter Diagram
Noble Cow Cutter Panels are made out of 1 7/8" galvanized steel tubing and they come with plywood mounting tabs and hardware for installing wood (wood not included). They are designed to accept a full uncut 4'x8' sheet of " plywood. The Cow Cutter Panel is used in Round Pens and Arenas any time a solid wall working area is desired.

COW CUTTER ROUND PENS are available in any diameter to suit your specific needs. They are the ultimate training pen for those who want their horse's undivided attention. Choose from the following standard sizes or design the size you want:

40' Diameter
50' Diameter
60' Diameter
80' Diameter
100' Diameter
120' Diameter
Cow Cutter Round Pen

Noble Panels will work with you to design a COW CUTTER ARENA that meets your needs. Customize your sizing (any length & width), shape, and corners (45 degree, square, or radius). This allows you the opportunity to maximize your available ground space..ultimately creating the perfect solid arena for YOU! Great for outdoor use or for lining the walls of your indoor arena.

Add Cow Cutter Bowgates and Swing Gates in the location of your choice. The Cow Cutter arena can be set up using Noble support posts or your own support posts.

Cow Cutter Arena
Cow Cutter Arena
Cow Cutter Indoor Arena
Perfect panel for lining your indoor arena!
Plywood Mounting Tabs
Cow Cutter Indoor Arena
(Cow Cutter Panel)
Panel Tab Outside
Panel Tab Inside
Noble Panels also specializes in designing and building round pens and arenas for small & large event centers