Riding Arenas

Let us help you design the arena YOU want!
Riding Arena - 132' x 220' Arena

45 degree corner
90' x 120' Horse Riding Arena
Noble Panels will help you design and customize the perfect arena for your needs in any length and width you desire. Available in 3, 4, 5, or 6 rail configurations with either square, 45 degree, or rounded radius corners. Arenas can be installed using Noble support posts or your own support posts.

Noble Panels builds arenas that are used for Pleasure Riding, Cow Cutting, Reining, Roping, Bulldogging, Barrel Racing, Team Penning, Cattle Sorting, Dressage Riding, Hunter/Jumper, Rough Stock Rodeo use and more.

We can add a multitude of options to accommodate your specific use, such as: custom gates, cattle holding areas, return alleys, and roping equipment. Also ideal for lining the inside of your indoor arena.
Brad & Karen Gleason's 140' x 320' Arena

Noble Panels also specializes in designing and building arenas
for small & large event centers.

Noble Panels - Panel Fence Diagram
CAPS: All panels are capped along the top rail. All gates are capped on top and bottom rail. Our weldon caps prevent injury and enhance appearance.
CORNERS: Top corners are squared, not rounded or curved. This eliminates the chance that livestock may hang a leg in between panels where they are joined.
JOINTS: Joints are notched and welded all the way around for maximum strength and a smooth finish. This process eliminates moisture from penetrating rails and causing damage.
UPRIGHTS: Vertical uprights are built out of the same material as the rails - each upright goes clear to the ground for SUPERIOR SUPPORT. Uprights are spaced evenly throughout the panel, never going over 6' without a vertical upright.
CLAMPS: Panels are attached together with a galvanized panel clamp assembly that is included in the price of each panel. This system leaves only a 3/8" gap between panels. The rigidity of this clamp system also will not allow panels to move and rattle or clang when in use like a pin attachment or chain attachment system.
MATERIAL: Constructed of 15 gauge American-Made 1 - 5/8" OD round galvanized steel tubing. Tubing has a .072 wall thickness and a 65,000 lb yield strength. The rust-resistant finish will provide decades of use and retain its decorative silver appearance.

1 - 7/8" OD 15 gauge material available on special request.